• Using the professional and effective Solglo tanning solution to provide a long lasting medium/dark naturally sun-bronzed effect.

  • Full Body Spray Tan - £20
  • Half Body Spray Tan - £10

    Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Q. How do I prepare for my tannng treatment?

    A. As the tan must be applied to completely dry skin,     exfoliate and moisturise the day before. On the day     remember NOT to wax, shave, apply deodorant or     perfume.
  • Q. What do I wear for my treatment?

    A. For your salon visit it is best to wear loose, dark     clothing. This allows your tan to develop without     the friction of tight clothing. For the tanning     treatment you can either wear your own bikini,     swimsuit or underwear or you will be given     disposable pants to wear. You can even “dare to     bare” – perfectly acceptable even for shy angels as     this is a 'no hands on' treatment.
  • Q. What is the best way to maintain my tan?

    A. We advise not to bathe or shower for at least six     hours after your treatment. Moisturising daily after     a shower will also help your tan last longer. Avoid     hot baths and chlorinated pools, also pat dry with     towel- don’t rub after showering.
  • Q. Am I safe to sunbathe after a tanning treatment?

    A. You will still need to use your usual protective Sun     Lotions. A spray tan gives no protection from the     suns harmful rays itself.
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