Body Massage

  • Hot Stone Massage Therapy
  • Full Body Treatment - £50
    (90 mins)
  • Back, Neck & Shoulder - £35
    (60 mins)

  • Swedish Back Massage
  • (Neck, shoulder, back and head)
  • 30 Minute Massage - £25
  • 45 Minute Massage - £30

  • Swedish Full Body - £35
  • (Back, neck, shoulder, head, arms,
    legs and feet - 60 minute)

  • Hot stone massage therapy is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment offering all the benefits of a deep tissue Swedish massage combined with the ancient healing power of hot basalt volcanic rock.
  • By placing the smooth, hot stones on the body's chakra points, and using hot basalt stones to complete the massage, your muscles are relieved to a state of quick and blissful deep relaxation.
  • Main benefits include: Deep relaxation, muscular warming, easing of tension, energy rebalancing, improvement in sense of well-being, reduction in stress levels, stimulation of blood and lymph and elimination of toxins.
  • Swedish massage is the most commonly offered and best known type of massage. It uses a firm but gentle pressure to improve the circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improve flexibility and create relaxation.
  • Ideal for specific physical problems such as muscle tension and tendon and ligament problems, massage can be used to relax muscles after physical exertion or to warm and loosen them in preparation for exercise. Massage is also a great mental and emotional stress reliever.
  • By inducing a feeling of well-being through the comfort of touch, a treatment leaves clients feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
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