• Lash Tint - £10
  • Brow Tint - £5
  • Brow Shape/Tidy - £8
  • Lash Perm - £25
  • Lash Perm & Tint - £30
  • Please note that if you have not had a Lash Tint previously, a 24 hour patch test is required in case of allergy to the product.


  • KAESO Facials - The Innocence of Beauty
  • The Kaeso ethos is to embody naturally derived ingredients with essential treatment formulas to deliver effective and luxurious professional treatments. Made from the finest, natural ingredients to assure the highest quality skincare. This prescription facial targets all skin types leaving skin feeling soft, nourished, balanced and glowing.
  • Kaeso Full Facial - £30
  • Consists of Cleanse, Deep Cleanse, Exfoliation, Mask & Moisturise and includes a Face/Shoulder, Scalp and Hand/Arm Massage – 55 mins.
  • Kaeso Mini Facial - £22
  • Consists of Cleanse, Exfoliation, Mask & Moisturise and includes Shoulder & Scalp Massage - 30 mins.
  • Kaeso Luxury Facial - £40
  • Comprosing the standard Facial but starting with a deeply relaxing 20 minute Swedish Back Massage - 1hr 15mins.

  • The Affinity Collagen Facial - £35
  • (Deep cleanse, tone, exfoliation, face mask, face/shoulder and scalp massage using a specialised Collagen Mask. Re-hydrating, anti-wrinkle, calming and mattifying. Suitable for all skin types – 55 mins.)

  • Lash Tinting involves dying the eyelashes in a choice of colours to add depth to your existing colour of lashes or trying a new colour for a change. Great if you haven’t time for mascara, have problems with it “running”, go swimming frequently or are about to go on holiday. Tints available are: Black, Brown, Brown/Black, or Blue/Black. Blue/Black results in a dark navy colour and is a dramatic alternative to Black. Lash Tinting will last for 6-8 weeks and Brow Tinting for 4-6 weeks
  • Brow Shaping is one of the most important aspects of facial beauty. When brows are shaped and tidy it can totally transform your look. The whole eye area is opened up to provide a younger appearance and makes eye-make up application both easier and more effective. A Brow Tint will add depth of colour to pale, undefined brows and help sparse brows appear thicker.
  • Lash Perming is a treatment which will curl your lashes for up to two months. Using small curlers affixed to the lashes and perming solution, the lashes are lifted and curled for a wide-eyed effect. Great for those who have very “flat” lashes and need to use lash curling tongs or anyone who wants to make the most of their lashes.
  • A facial can be a lovely one-off pampering treat, but to attain consistently glowing skin or to remedy problematic skin conditions, a monthly facial should be considered.
  • Try to maintain a good home-care routine in between salon visits. A good skin care routine would typically consist of: cleanse, tone and moisturise - both in the morning and at night, with particular care to remove all traces of make-up. Exfoliate once a week to remove the build up of dead skin cells and apply a nourishing face mask after exfoliation.
  • For general skin health do drink lots of water, get regular exercise and eat a balanced diet with fresh fruit & vegetables. And there really is no substitute for a good nights sleep!
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